makerbot tasmania TVC - gaffer

proud to have been the lighting guy on this production by HypeTV for makerbot Tasmania

3D scanning

3D Scans of people from AI Con have now been uploaded and are ready to view and print



online 3d models for sharing are at






Sound 2 Light

Programmed my 3D printer to print a model generated from the audio that Pilot Error played live at the Sound 2 Light performance 2011


Bare Life

Bare Life

a live performance with one actor and several avatars controlled in real time

I designed all sets and avatars in secondlife and performed live (with another operator) the characters and camera movements

collection of early video


"Five" video for Lyons. Bailey, Williams at Electundra 2007.

Custom software responding to audio in realtime

Future of Classical Music with emily Williams

custom software responding to movements of Celloists arm and audio

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